Live Like the Clans

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One day you pad along a path used by the clans for moons and worn down by there paw steps. You smell a strange scent, the scent of many cats. The smell of heather and rabbit, fish and water, oaks and squirrels, and pines and shadows. You are frightened at first but a head of a cat pokes its head out of a bush and greets you kindly, "Hello there, you smell like a kittypet." The kind cat looks you over again. "But it looks like you have taken it well in the wild, where the warrior cat clans, that I myself belong in, rome. " you ask this cat what the clans are like and the kind cat answers, "The Clans, oh yes. To live like the clans is a precious thing. You hunt, fight, and co-survive with your clan mates if you are in a clan although..Not all peace travels in all the clans, we may live together but on each and every border we hunt and strive for life. There is RiverClan, WindClan, ThunderClan, and ShadowClan here around the lake. But, I have heard stories of a clan called SkyClan and a vicious rogue pack called Bloodclan." The cat shivered. "But the greatest clan, StarClan, watches over us all." You ask if you can maybe join a clan and the kind cat nods thoughtfully. "Come with me then. Come on. And I'll show you what living like the clans is all about..."


*This is the map of the clans territories around the lake*


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Riverclan Leader

Riverclan Medincecat


Riverclan Leader

Riverclan Medincecat


Shadowclan Leader

Shadowclan Medincecat


                Skyclan Leader

              Skyclan Medincecat



                  Bloodclan Leader

               Bloodclan Medincecat